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02 May 2013 @ 07:08 pm
loveinthoughts, tumb1
Es gibt zwei Sorten von Menschen:
Die einen lieben und die anderen werden geliebt.
Hello! I'm another ridiculous fangirl here to waste time post fangirly graphics, and fandom related stuff.

If I ever get round to it, the comm will probably start out as a picspam place where I post things I've put up at tumblr (here or here or here), but may branch out so you might find icons, wallpapers, episode comments/reviews popping up.

Posts will end up being members-only around here, just so I can keep an eye on where graphics might be going.

Everyone should know the stuff about credit, not editing, not hotlinking and all that. Yes, it applies as usual.
  • Please credit manelens or esquinas ,
  • don't edit, and
  • don't post anything outside of lj.         >>You'll usually find stuff to reblog from manelens@tumblr.
Please be courteous and follow those rules.
And! -
  • Comments and opinions are grand... tell me what you like, or what you don't. Tell me if you agree or why you don't.

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